Pharmacy Solutions
Healthcare Software Alliance can give you a complete solution for your Pharmacy
Manage Pharmacy, Warehouse, and Store with our interconnected Applications. Manage Accounts and Payor's Reimbursements
Control All Aspects of your pharmacy business from your Headquaters
Prior Autorization, Claim Submission to ALL insurance companies
Quick Implementation, Easy to use. The only solution of its kind in MENA
Get The Best of Both Worlds
Perfect Together
Eliminate Redundancy and Serve Customers Faster
Scan Barcodes and Dispense Prescriptions in EzRX
View approved prescriptions and receive payment in EzPOS .
Hospital Management System
whether you are a small clinic or a large hospital this solution is for you.
Our modular approach enables us to take care of big and small alike.
Let us take care of technology so you can take care of the most important thing "your patient"
Campus Business Intelligence
Healthcare Software Alliance Campus BI has over 500 pre-defined Key
Performance Indicators (KPIs) on campus operations and
strategic management. Campus BI can access campus
information easily...
Campus Management System
Healthcare Software Alliance can give you complete solution for your campus.
From prior authorization to reimbursement complete claim process in system.
Send claims to every insurance company in your area.
Easy to use, comprehensive and only solution of its kind in MENA.
Single Sign On (SSO)
Healthcare Software Alliance can develop a Single Sign On (SSO) web application methodology
and develop software which eliminates the need to remember and insert
a number of usernames and passwords...
Resource Outsourcing
Healthcare Software Alliance is capable of accommodating the needs of a small firm or a large
multinational company by providing a single resource to assist the IT department,
or by providing a whole host of resources to run the entire IT department...
Project Outsourcing
Healthcare Software Alliance Project Management Outsourcing offers you a
one stop project management service by organizing the
administration, monitoring and timely delivery
of the agreed milestones of the project.
Providing Customer Centric Solutions
Healthcare Software Alliance is a wholly owned subsidiary of Digital Processing Systems, Inc
a New York, USA based IT company. Healthcare Software Alliance delivers
high quality solutions for Healthcare, Education and
Highly IT Skilled Outsourcing Industry...
Quality Policy
At Healthcare Software Alliance, we believe in customer first philosophy
and thus have being successfully providing Customer Centric Solutions
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We have CMMI and ISO based processes making us work seamlessly with each other and with our customers


Optimized dev. process with less resources that enable it to be cost effective..


We have 20 years of extensive experience in the industry to deliver quality products


We have highly competent resources who deliver the best with industry standards

Agile and effective

By using agile methodology we can deliver more effectively

Latest Technologies

We strive hard to keep pace with the latest technologies ensuring the best possible solution for our customers

  • Streamlined and well defined processes
  • Effective and advanced communication methods
  • Defined methodologies
  • Incorporation of new technologies
  • Large pool of skilled technology resources
  • ISO and CMMI based processes
  • Human Resource training program second to none
  • Quality in our products, services, solutions and processes
  • Effective utilization of resources
  • A scientific onsite /offshore model


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